Posted by: Kate | November 29, 2010

Lights Up!

We took advantage of a clear Sunday to get our Christmas lights up on the house. This is always a tricky thing around here, as the weather does not always cooperate. We were lucky yesterday, as today is windy and wet and the rest of the week looks to be the same.

Bush Boy is old enough now to do part of the roof, where the ladder can sit nice and flat. I still go up and do the lights where the ladder has to sit tilted in the garden.


It’s days like this that make me see how grown up he’s becoming. And make me want to slow time down, just for a moment.



  1. What a sweetheart!!

  2. I just love Christmas lights! Well, lights of any kind really. I think it’s really scary how quickly they suddenly turn from children into adults. I often wonder where the time has gone. Have a great week. Ros

  3. i love that he’s wearing a santa hat.
    what a wonderful grownup fella you’re raising kate.

  4. I have been thinking of you every single day and your advice to me last year (or two years ago maybe?) to at least string some lights up even though I’m not around much this month. I of course haven’t yet but maybe today I will…maybe it will make me a little less angry that everybody else gets to enjoy Xmas so early! ;)

    Love BB’s hat!

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