Posted by: Kate | November 19, 2010

From the Photo Archives


Snow, December 2008.


In December 2008, we had a lot of snow. We even had a very white Christmas, one of only a few to happen on Vancouver Island. That year the snow started in December. This year they are predicting an even bigger snow year, and it certainly has started earlier. Yesterday it started snowing, and early this morning it started again. By this afternoon it is supposed to snow in earnest and we should have some accumulation on the ground for the kids to really play with, which of course has them excited. Of course around here weather can change quickly as temperatures fluctuate with the influence of the ocean and the mountains, so who really knows what the winter will bring. I do know this is really early for snow!

(By the way, if you look at the picture closely you will see some colour on the other side of the bush. That would be the pink Schizostylis.)



  1. Joy! I, too, woke up to snow. It began last night with a soft, gentle snow . . . I’m just happy I’m not in Alberta this winter – it’s super-cold (-17C last I heard) and ALOT of snow!

    Stay safe, everyone.

    I do see the bit of pink in your photo, nice! My pink geraniums are shivering this morning.

  2. it does seem quite early this year. i’ve been watching it fall all morning, but it has yet to settle. sounds like it will tonight though! i’m all for a big snow year at the ski hill, but less sure about it down here, for driving etc. Christmas 2008 was pretty crazy, yet fun to be “snowed in” with the whole family.

  3. I just adore snow!!!!!!!!!!!! We get nowhere near enough here in the UK. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Ros

  4. Ours started yesterday as well although the higher elevations have been getting hit for at least a month. I do love the snow but I really hate traveling in it…and since I have some work trips coming up over the next few weeks, my reaction to it hasn’t been exactly positive. ;)

  5. We have a couple of inches here this morning, with a white sky promising more. I’m supposed to be driving down to Victoria for my Dad’s 83rd birthday but I don’t think I’ll be going. I’m more afraid of ice on the roads than the snow. Anyway, it is awfully pretty!

  6. hooray for snow!!

    did you guys end up getting some this weekend? i hope you did and that bushboy enjoyed playing out in it!

  7. I hope we have a white one this year. I am amazed by the snow. Having lived most of my life in a place that does not snow (unless you count ashes) I am giddy and hard to live with when the flakes start falling.

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