Posted by: Kate | November 15, 2010

Brown and Green and Wet

If you waited for it to be dry before you went outside here you’d be waiting a long time in the fall. November is a wet, dark month. Fresh air, however, is essential, so we don our rain gear and venture out on the week-ends regardless of the weather. We got lucky this Sunday, as the rain had mostly stopped for a few hours while we walked around the neighbourhood.

While green is always the predominant colour here on the west coast, brown is easy to spot as well in November.

Green is also the colour of choice in our household, thus my matching guys.

Even the gumboots have green on them.

I have lived where the dry brown of dead grass is the predominant colour, before snow white arrives for the rest of winter. This is darker, and sometimes gloomier, but certainly fresh and clean when you are out!

What are the colours of November where you live?


  1. Love the matching green guys. Once you leave the San Francisco and head north a bit, autumn here looks green like spring. The dry summer followed by the rain makes everything quite pretty. Yesterday and today are crazy unseasonably warm days. It’s a little disorienting, but kind of nice too.

  2. hmmm, well, in mid-California, it’s gold and brown. There are so many trees that there are leaves everywhere. Maybe that is why autumn means burnt orange, gold, and brown to me. It used to rain more here in the autumn and I’m kind of sad that it doesn’t. Oh and it’s grey and opaque, for the sky colors and wind… the wind is the most distinct feature of the change of seasons here, I think.

  3. i also managed to get out on sunday during a break in the wet. obviously since i am just south of you, the colours around here are pretty green and brown too. but i wandered along the beach and there was lots of grey and steely blues to be seen as well.

  4. November is stark here until snow hits. Brown, dreary…maybe some haze of green over the grasslands if it rained enough and was warm enough for green-up to occur. November here reminds you it’s winter.

    Um, where is Chika’s green?

  5. Here in Kelowna, B.C., it is absolutely gorgeous! The bounty of the many varieties of trees & bushes are simply amazing in their Fall colours. Red, gold, brown, green and red berries, it is spectacular. But then, I’m new here, so it’s all a picture postcard to me.

    Did you know that a red-leafed tree has sugar in it, as opposed to a brown or gold tree, that has no sugar? Fascinating, huh? lol I just heard this the other day on the Weather Network (yes, I watch it, it’s interesting!). I’ve been quasi-trying to discover the names of all the different varieties of trees out here. It is truly amazing.

    Yes, where IS Chika’s green? :)

  6. gorgeous photos kate!

    right now our november colors are white and brown. we still have some snow on the ground but all the leaves that were still on the trees are continuing to fall making it a white/brown mush. not the most attractive, but it smells fantastic! (i love the smell of wet fall leaves, there are others who might not agree with me)

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