Posted by: Kate | November 9, 2010

The Holiday Knitting Has Begun

It is such a pleasure to knit for someone who loves to wear what you’ve knitted. My mum wears the socks I knit her until she has to darn them, which she does until the holes get too big or the sole gets too threadbare. Every year I try to make her four pairs of socks – one for her birthday, one for mother’s day and two for Christmas. I have completed one pair for her gift, and have cast on for the second pair (my first pair of black socks, which she needs to wear when she volunteers at the theatre).


Mum's Christmas socks, pair one.


Aside from my mum, I usually knit something for the other immediate family members. I have a frothy pink scarf on the needles for my sister-in-law, but am not quite sure what I’ll make for my dad and step-mom. My father-in-law may get a scarf again, or may just get a kitchen set. One friend will get a hand knit, perhaps a lacy baktus scarf. The teacher will also get a knitted gift, likely a scarf.

I have a very small family, and our Christmases are pretty low-key, so that’s all the knitting I’ll have to do.

How about you all? Holiday knitting plans, other crafting plans, or no?



  1. Four pairs of hand knit socks a year makes your mom a very lucky mom! love the orange socks. I’m hoping to make each of the boys a knitted vest with their initial on it (from More Last minute Knitted Gifts). Short list but I have to make it do-able.

  2. No holiday knitting! I’m still recovering from knitting DH a sweater!

    I have a friend who’s making her FIL a set of knit coasters with suits of cards on them. He’s big into card games.

  3. wow, i’m impressed with your FOUR pairs of socks a year for your mom! and how lovely that she still takes the time and care to darn them. such a lovely gift- you’re right it really makes all the difference in the world to be able to see handknits appreciated so fully.
    my holiday knitting sweatshop is already in full swing, it opened extra early this year. hopefully i can avoid the last minute frenzy!
    best of luck to you and happy knitting!

  4. Way to go, Kate! I’m super impressed that you knit your dear Mum 4 pairs of socks, every year!!! I can hardly get one pair done in a year, ha ha. Did you ever hear of a book called, “Orange Socks” (I don’t recall the author’s name)? I think you might like it.

    It is so nice to get appreciation for your hand-knit wares. Sadly, I knit a beautiful baby blanket for family member and I’ve not once seen it in use :( Now I’m more careful on who I knit for.

    I knit my DM a pair of socks for her 80th b.d. and she LOVES them, except that they don’t fit!!! argh. I plan to start again & knit her another pair. That is, after I get my Christmas knitting done. not. (I’m afraid I’m not going to finish any Christmas knitting this year). I applaud anyone who does achieve their Christmas knitting and/or crocheting! It takes time! Sometime that’s in short supply these days! lol

    sorry for the novel.

  5. I am not knitting at all for the upcoming holidays. I feel guilty, but I know that if I had a prayer of actually finishing anything I would have needed to begin in August.

  6. Wait, socks? As in plural? More than one pair? For the same person? :~) Socks are such a major undertaking for me and it becomes someone’s ‘big’ gift! Partner will get his first pair of hand knit socks this year. A pair of Nola’s slippers for Boy #2, I think. Perhaps something for my Mom, but I haven’t figured out yet what it will be. A girl at work asked for a starfish, but I haven’t decided yet if that will happen.

  7. You have a lucky mom! It’s so great how much she enjoys your handknit socks! (was it Melissa’s beautiful lacy Baktus that drew you to that pattern or had you found it before?).

    I’ve got a pair of mittens on the needles for my best friend back home and soon to have a pair of socks for my mom. Issues with pattern/yarn mix on that one so this weekend decided what to do…will still have time to finish though I’m sure. Otherwise just a couple small crafty gifts (calendars again and maybe a gourd necklace for a friend)…trying to finish up a draft of my dissertation by early Dec and then in the field most of that month so crafty time is quite limited this year.

  8. you’re so good to be holiday knitting already!
    and what a gorgeous pair of socks for your mom. love the colorway!

    i haven’t even thought about christmas yet….

  9. They look great!

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