Posted by: Kate | November 5, 2010

From the Photo Archive

Captain Rex, Hallowe'en 2010.

A west coast storm wasn’t going to stop Captain Rex from going out on Hallowe’en night. We had a wicked weather system come through last week-end, and it was cold and wet. I saw way fewer little kids coming to the door trick-or-treating, but the bigger kids are tough west coast kids and they were out there. He only wore the helmet for a little while, as it is electronic and he didn’t want to risk wrecking it! I bought his candy from him with a Clone Wars figuring, a Garfield book and a Calvin and Hobbes book (from the second hand book store) and we were all happy. He can  still eat the candy, but this way his dad and I can eat the candy as well. Bush Boy eats the least amount, as he usually forgets about it after a couple of days and in the past it has sat there for months. Mr. Kate will make sure that doesn’t happen this year.



  1. Nice!

    We had a freakishly warm Halloween night. No rain, no mittens, no winter coats. Weird.

  2. well considering your wet weather it’s good he didn’t have to go out in his cardboard captain rex costume!

  3. I figured a little rain wouldn’t slow Bush Boy down! I’m laughing that you ‘bought’ his candy…I’ve never heard of a parent doing that before!

  4. What a smart parent to buy your son’s candy! I smiled when I read that.

    • lol, yes, so did I :)

      It appears everyone enjoyed a happy Hallowe’en.
      Stay warm!

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