Posted by: Kate | November 1, 2010

Oh the Weather!

We are all about the weather here these days. Over the week-end we had another wind and rain storm blow over, the wind came right on queue for Halloween trick or treating. It was ugly out there! It seems early for the amount of wind and rain that we have had so far this fall, it makes us all wonder what November and December have in store for us. We are watching the next week closely, we are supposed to be doing our playground build on the week-end.

However, with everything there is a silver lining, right? So this week-end’s storms and cold weather brought the snow closer, as witnessed out the window this morning when the clouds cleared off the mountains.



Ha! The rain has just started up again.




  1. lol, welcome to beautiful, damp! B.C. :) Seems everyone I’m talking to is talkin’ about the weather & how cold the winter’s going to be. I’m not scared, ha ha. I have my knitting to keep me warm!

  2. I guess it’s the ugly ugly weather that makes our beautiful weather seem so nice. Hope you are keeping warm and dry.

  3. They are throwing the S word around quite a lot down here. Could be an interesting winter.

  4. gorgeous photo!
    i hope the weather clears up so you can do your playground build! i’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!!

  5. yes, we’ll see how much snow we get this year. i am hoping for lots up the hill but less down here where i have to drive everyday!

  6. We are having a crazy fall too…snow and rain for days on end and then a week of 65-70 and beautiful. Odd for early November! I’m curious though to see if the almanac is right this year…if so we’ll both probably be getting a ton of snow starting in late November!

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