Posted by: Kate | October 26, 2010

The Vinyl Cafe

On Sunday we went to see Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe live on stage. (For those of you who aren’t familiar, this is a CBC radio show that has been around for decades.) We bought the tickets back in August, as soon as the show was announced and before it sold out (they added a second show which sold out as quickly as the first show). Bush Boy loves his stories, and I’ve been a fan for a while. Mr. Kate has been sucked in, as Bush Boy and I download the podcasts and play them on my computer.

The show was wonderful. Stuart is a polished yet humble performer, the musicians were fabulous, and the entire production was smooth. We were told by Stuart at the beginning that our show was actually being taped to be played on the radio at the end of November, and that the audience was encourage to make noise (try to make yourself heard so you can phone the family and tell them how to hear you was what we were encouraged to do). We got to hear two new stories (often he tells older stories, which the audience never minds because they are all favourites) and a great essay. Stuart writes all the stories and essays himself, and he is an amazing voice performer. Very fun to watch, as well, as he talks with his body more than anyone I know!

Bush Boy was absolutely thrilled, and got a real kick out of meeting Stuart at the end and having him sign his book of essays (the newest book). He told him that his favourite story is  Dave’s Birdfeeder. Bush Boy’s comment is that Stuart is the best storyteller he’s ever heard. This was a family experience we will all remember for a long time, well worth the cost. If he’s ever in your town, go!

Blurry as the flash wasn't set, but still it's a reminder of the fun! Me and Bush Boy with Stuart McLean after the show.



  1. sounds like a fun time!
    (and bb is just so darn cute!)

  2. You all look so very happy! It’s great to see that. BB looks pleased as punch – good for him! What a great picture, even if it’s blurry. That’s not one of your knit shawls, is it? It is gorgeous.

    I’ve read just one of Stuart McLean’s, The Vinyl Cafe, books, many years ago. He’s good (to put it mildly)! And I bet even better to hear & see in person. I will definitely keep my eyes open for him. Love the CBC.

  3. How fun!!! I love Vinyl Cafe. Oldest Daught and I were listening to a show on the way up to UBC and almost had to stop driving to deal with the laughter.

  4. I’ve never heard of him before (I say that a little ashamed) but will be checking him out after reading all the glowing endorsements written here! It looks like the best family outing…so glad that BB enjoyed it so much!

  5. I love Stuart McLean and The Vinyl Cafe! Seeing him in person is a great experience. I won tickets a couple years ago to his show (we had been listening on CBC for years). It was so great seeing him perform in person that the next time he came to Kamloops I purchased the tickets, and when he comes back next year I will do so again. He is amazing! What a great family memory for all of you!

  6. Sounds like a great evening! Some of the Dave stories get too silly for me, but others… oh my. What a laugh!
    Must have been great to see a show live.

  7. Sounds like you had a great time. You bothl look so happy. I’ve not heard of him, but I do love a good storyteller. Ros

  8. You are so lucky! So many of his stories make me truly laugh and I find listening to him, to his voice, so relaxing. So glad I stumbled upon your blog this morning.

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