Posted by: Kate | October 18, 2010

Making the Me Moments

I think one of the reasons I’m so blah this fall is because I’m not making enough me time. Yes, I do still have a stupid virus that is bugging my chest slightly. Not enough for medication or anything, just annoying. But part of the run-down feeling is trying to do everything for everyone, and not just breathing, for me. This is a busy time of year always, I’ve taken on another work project (very excited about it, will tell more later), we’re building a school playground in a few weeks and I’m on the committee organizing it, there are school meetings and configuration meetings and book orders to be done. When I’m at home if I do sit down it’s really not to take a breathing break, it’s just to veg out (also important , but not the same thing). So tell me, what do you do for yourself? How do you create those ‘me’ moments in your daily, busy lives?



  1. :) I think you know what I do……. knit, knit, knit!!! It is SUCH a stress buster! I wouldn’t survive without ‘me’ time that is more than ‘blot out’ time. Hope you have a good week. Ros

  2. Sorry to hear that you’ve been having a hard time getting in some time for yourself. We must plan a morning knit visit! I honestly get my bit of me time when I pop into the Needle & Arts Center and have a visit. I don’t often get to knit if I have Wynn with but just sitting and having a visit is nice… adult conversation is much appreciated with Kevin working away. ;)

  3. we must be on the same wavelength kate, my issues are, of course, different from yours, but the end result is the same… feeling constantly frazzled and pulled in a million different directions at once.

    i don’t have the answer figured out yet, other than i need to do a better job of prioritizing what is *really* important in my life.

  4. Hugs, Kate. Some day while you are out-and-about running errands, just turn right instead of left and head for the beach. And just sit. Or wander. See if you can carve out an unplanned 10 minutes to enjoy this fall weather over the next couple days… And just breathe.

    I’m still cycle-commuting this year (I usually have given up by now!) and I’m enjoying these morning and evening rides… I’m not pushing hard and exercising; I’m trying to just enjoy the moment, the colours, the air.

  5. My top 3 are walking, reading a novel, and taking a bath. Even just a little bit of me time is better than none. Just grab a few minutes to get started. Have fun!

  6. I hope you’re starting to find some precious time to yourself. Going to the beach is perfect (I’ve been saving all your wonderful pictures, can almost smell the ocean). Remember self-care is more important than anything else, it’s just hard to manage sometimes, I know. I know this all sounds so cliche(d), but I’ve been trying v hard to remember myself these busy, busy days. I receive a daily message from the “Universe” and thought you might like today’s:

    When the issues of someone else’s life have you tied in knots, Kate, it usually means it’s time to start focusing on your own life.

    Doesn’t that feel better?
    The Universe

    Red Hot: Let love rule.
    Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ®
    © ®

    Of course it’s easier to solve other people’s issues, Kate, that’s why you chose more challenging ones.

    Always remember to breathe. sigh

  7. I’m a bit late to responding to this…I see in the next post you took Sarah’s suggestion to spend some time alone at the beach…I’m glad you did.

    As I’m sure you know, I’m not very good at getting ‘me’ time. Sure, I try to take some time to do things I enjoy (like knitting) but it’s minutes here and there and I’m still ‘doing’. And so often my thoughts are on work and what I need to get done while I’m doing these other things. For me, when I get to go for a walk (especially at night when it’s dark and quiet), that helps my mental state immensely. I start the walk with my mind spinning on work crap but after 15 minutes or so I start letting go, start to enjoy just breathing and start to think about me. The pace slows down with the brain. Also when I spend time with the girls alone (without J), I feel so much better.

    I hope you find a way to get that time…we all need it.

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