Posted by: Kate | October 8, 2010

From the Photo Archives


Night time visitors, July 2010


The dog was whining much more at the screen door than usual – we figured there was a cat on the fence. After letting him out, we realized that it was something in the bushes and it sounded more like a small dog growling at him. We went over to investigate, thinking a dog or cat was in there. Turned out it was a raccoon mom and her kits, and we scared them up the tree next to our back yard (in our neighbour’s front yard). We felt very badly for scaring them up there! They stayed until it was too dark for us to see them leave.



  1. Ah, what a fantastic photo-op! Poor little guys.

  2. raccoons are adorable! especially the babies. although baby anythings are adorable really…

  3. Oh, I love raccoons! I’m impressed with the pic you were able to get of them…very cool!

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