Posted by: Kate | September 28, 2010


You know what confuses me? Governments everywhere are ranting about the epidemic of obesity in our nations. They are in some cases legislating the amount of physical education your child needs to receive in school. They are making extra-curricular activity part of the graduation requirements. But when it comes to putting in a playground for these children to be active on? Oh no, sorry, you can’t have a dime.

Our parent advisory council has spent 10 years raising funds to buy a new playground, as we watched the old playground fall apart. The school board knew it had to be replaced, but they couldn’t do it – no funds. We have finally ordered a new playground (over $25,000) and now we have to install it. The school district could install it, if we paid the union wages for them all to come and do it. We are paying instead for a certified playground inspector to supervise the installation, and we are doing it the parent-power way.

Playgrounds benefit the entire community, and achieve the very thing – active kids – governments are saying will keep our population healthy, thus greatly reducing health-care costs. I’m just not sure how they aren’t even partially funded, when they are at a school that has mandated physical activity time in its curriculum (a provincial mandate). It leaves me confused for sure.



  1. good for you and your parent power!

    “power to the parents!!”

  2. Hurray for parents is right! It is wonderful that the parents get together to discuss the health of (your) children, obviously the teachers and/or school boards don’t have the time or budget.

    Don’t get me started on discussing government issues! Grrrrr!! I empathize with you & all parents, by trying to do the very best for your kids. It can be frustrating, I know. Hang in there, you’re doing great!

  3. I remember going through the same thing when I was involved in getting the playground for Georgia Park….it was a brand new school and a playground wasn’t park of the plans????? I remember being very confused as well….

  4. Parent power is the best!!

    Governments in general and school boards specifically have me frustrated and shaking my head way to often.

  5. I love the take charge parent approach…things get done that way.

    There isn’t anything about the government that doesn’t confuse me.

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