Posted by: Kate | September 27, 2010

Your Mom’s Not Cool

It has begun. I knew eventually Bush Boy was going to start to hear about how his Mom had ‘stupid’ rules. I had hoped maybe not at 10, but knew likely I wouldn’t be so lucky.

I’m not there to be liked, but I feel for Bush Boy. It’s tough feeling different in any way, as we all know.

My parents had weird rules according to my friends. I didn’t really mind, though, they were decent enough rules.

Sometimes parents having the tough rules can help. As I’ve told Bush Boy, if he ever feels uncomfortable about something his friends want to do, he can use me and my ‘stupid’ rules to get out of it. “You know what my mom is like.”

I’m doing what I know is right for my child (sorry, we are, Mr. Kate is on board with all this as well). I just sometimes wish it were more respected, because you know, it’s not just his friends that scoff at some of the rules. His friends’ parents do as well. That’s annoying.



  1. You’re cool in my eyes, Kate. Stick to your guns, you’re doing a fine job!!

  2. sending you a huge hug kate.
    i know i’ll be dealing with this issue in a few years as well, so we can just be uncool together!

  3. Ah, phooey. I know what that feels like. What’s even more frustrating is the lack of support from other families. Do I know other moms who have rules that make me raise my eyebrows? Sure. Do I say so to my kids? Absolutely not–I would never undermine another parent to my kids. That’s just wrong.

    Well, that said, if physical abuse was involved, it’d be different. But I know that’s not the case here!

  4. Stay strong. Only you know the best way to parent your child.

  5. Wow. That is seriously uncool. I complained all the time to my friends that my parents were lame and strict. They all agreed. Their parents never did. And now I’m using nearly all their strict rules, plus the quirky “granola” ones. My parents laugh, the 16 yo complains about how strict I am.

    Is this the circle of life everyone always talks about? :~P

  6. So many of my parent’s uncool rules shaped who I am today, and I’m not so bad ;)

  7. Wow–parents scoffing at other parents rules? And that blows me away because from everything you’ve posted about Bush Boy, he seems to really have the right priorities and he seems very well adjusted…which is part just because he is a good kid, but a lot because of the parenting you and Mr. Kate give to him.

    And I agree with Denise…my parents were quite strict and sometimes had rules for us that nobody else had. As much as I hated them (and other parents DID scoff them as well), they made me into the person I am today. Someone they are both proud of.

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