Posted by: Kate | September 20, 2010

Apples and Travelers

The apple tree is loaded and ready to be picked. The apples are Empire apples, I find it makes small apples which are perfect for school lunches that need to be eaten quickly.

This tree is seven years old and still not much bigger than me – the perfect apple tree for a city lot.

I picked some apples last night to add to the muffins I was making (also for lunches) and when I moved them off the counter later, I noticed one had brought with it a traveler.

We put the apple with its small charge back outside, and wished the snail well on its travels.



  1. The apples look delicious. What a cute little snail! Hope you have good week. Ros

  2. what a tiny little guy. how cute. your apples look very similar to the ones i just got from my mom’s tree. most are fairly small, although there often bigger ones too.

  3. Nice crop of apples this year!

  4. what an impressive crop of apples!
    and a very adorable little visitor.

  5. So cute. I recall finding a similar sized little guy in a store-bought baby lettuce. It seemed he’d had quite a journey. Like you, I placed him and his lettuce leaf outside and wished him well.

  6. Oh, I love apple season. I made up some applesauce this weekend and have a handful of my bigger apples sitting in the fridge waiting for Apple Cake this weekend!

    Cute little apple friend…so nice of you to place ‘him’ and ‘his’ apple back outside!

  7. Ah, wonderful! Looks like you’ll have plenty of apples for the winter. V nice you sent your very cute little traveller back outdoors, I’ve never seen such a small snail before. Oh, and apple muffins??? yum!

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