Posted by: Kate | September 14, 2010

Living In Nature

You know you live close to nature when along with the first day of school forms and letters that your child brings home, you receive a notice about recent cougar sightings in the neighbourhood.



  1. ooooh – very exciting. hopefully the cougar is minding his manners while he visits your neighborhood.

  2. :-)

  3. Oh my! We have had a resident bear all summer. Hubby came face to face with him a couple of weeks ago alongside our house. They both jumped and bolted off in opposite directions. By the time he called me to bring my camera the bear had disappeared. Our garbage can is now safely inside the garage. Poor thing was interrupted mid-way through some ghastly smokies I had tossed away.

  4. that’s the island for you! also, curious as to where the photo in your header is from?

  5. Eek! I hope everyone stays alert & aware of their environment. I’ve heard some nasty stories about rogue cougars. Stay safe! I agree, your header pic is beautiful, where’s it from?

  6. Hey everyone – the new header is in Victoria, taken from Fort Rodd Hill and looking towards Esquimalt past Fisgard Lighthouse.

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