Posted by: Kate | September 13, 2010

A Cricket in my Living Room

One of my favourite books as a child was The Cricket in Times Square. I loved the writing, the story, the characters – everything about this book. I introduced Bush Boy to it and he also loved it.

Now whether it was the book, or the fact that where we live is perfect ground for field crickets, I don’t know, but Bush Boy has been obsessed with crickets for years. Every August he waits for those first cricket songs, and late August through September he can be found almost every day pulling apart the logs and rock walls in my garden to hunt for crickets (often the dog joins him, although he prefers grasshoppers for better entertainment). He has learnt a great deal about field crickets in these years, he is familiar with the differences between males and females and is quite knowledgeable on their working parts. So he knows that the males chirp, and those are usually who he is on the hunt for.

This week-end he found a male cricket that chirps a lot, even when held in Bush Boy’s sweaty hand. So it has come to live inside for a few days, in a jar with clover and grass and breathing holes. We have two very curious cats, so there is also a sturdy cardboard box to go over the jar.

Let me tell you, this crickets sings! We were serenaded last night after Bush Boy had gone to bed, and we came down to hear it chirping away this morning. Nothing quite like bringing nature into your living room.



  1. This is way cool, Kate! I, too, love the sound of a (male) cricket, is v soothing. Didn’t know for sure if it was the male or female who made all the racket, ha ha. I’ll keep an eye out for this book. Have you ever read the book, “The Cricket on the Hearth”, Charles Dickens? It is one story of a 3-story Christmas book. If you know Dickens, you’ll find it both entertaining and somewhat melancholy. Though it’s probably not as fun as “The Cricket in Times Square”. (btw, how does one hear a cricket in Times Square??).

  2. Ooo… I thought for a second you had a little loom! (The Cricket loom)…
    But your critter sounds pretty cool too. :)

  3. Love it!

    I was about to say “Have you ever read “Cricket on the Hearth?” but Kim beat me to it.

  4. oh how i loved “cricket in times square” when i was younger… i am just waiting for lily to get to the point where she’ll enjoy it as much as i did…
    i love that bushboy has his own singing cricket. (and so good of you to let it live in the house for a while.)

  5. Love the fascination and love of crickets! And to have your very own one serenading you in the house…how soothing!

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