Posted by: Kate | September 10, 2010

From the Photo Archives

First Day of Grade 5.

Another September, another slow start to the school year. The first day was September 7th, but only to 11:30. Now the school is stuck in limbo land until they can get the new classes sorted, which now sounds like it won’t be until Monday or Tuesday. The funding is so tight that one or two students can make the difference in number of classes, and we have had students leave while at the same time having new students arriving all week (our closest neighbouring school is already full). Most of the schools in the district are unfortunately down in enrollment, as families leave town to find work. Our town’s resource sector has been hit hard in the past few years, and the pulp and paper mill announced this summer that it would not be re-opening from its shut-down of last year. So young families are going where the skilled labour trades are needed, which isn’t here right now. Mostly they go to northern BC and Alberta.

Anyhow, all that means that this week has been a bit of a waste of school time, although Bush Boy has enjoyed seeing all his friends again.



  1. That sounds like a rather sad state of affairs there in your town. Glad Bush Boy got to meet up with his friends again. My class of 7 and 8 year olds all said they were glad to be back at school this week. Not so sure that I felt the same way though :) Have a good weekend. Ros

  2. Bush Boy looks quite happy!

    What a mess about his school!

    Youngest Daughter’s schedule is all set and I have been writing checks for her classes all week. I think I had to pay $10-$30 for each class. Supplies the class needs but the school distrcit no longer pays for. ARGH

  3. Things do not sound good. I hope the town pulls together and is stronger for the adversity. I hope that Bush Boy’s excitement continues! :)

  4. oh my does bushboy ever look handsome on his first day of school!

    i’m sorry to hear that your school’s funding/classroom numbers are in such disarray. it seems to be a common theme echoed all across our continent. i hope that it has no residual effect on bushboy or his education. although with parents such as he has, i don’t see how he can do any less than succeed with shining colors!

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