Posted by: Kate | September 7, 2010

Who Needs a Stinkin’ Sewing Machine?

Not me, that’s who. Decided that there had to be a way to make the privacy screen work, even if I couldn’t sew the two sides together (we wanted it to look nice on both sides). So I took my fabric, faced it together, and tied it to the new posts Mr. Kate and Bush Boy attached to the deck earlier this summer. Two barbeques and a party later, I’m much pleased! We’ve taken it down now, as we don’t want it getting wrecked in the winter storms.

For me this was a great lesson in adaptation. It may not have been as tidy and neat as I wanted, but better it was there to be used than sitting in a closet somewhere.


  1. good for you kate!

    and the screen looks great!!

  2. Yeah, great use of yardage! You DID need a screen there…good thinking.

  3. Glad to see that you figured it out. Again I really like your choice of fabric :)

  4. Great idea! I need one of those along the entire south side of my yard.

  5. It’s perfect…quite resourceful that Kate family!

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