Posted by: Kate | August 27, 2010

Words Fail Me

Three days away camping on Malcolm Island. Will tell more another day, but must share this. It was Mr. Kate’s birthday. Bush Boy was beside himself. I was moved almost to tears, and felt so privileged and so insignificant. They played in front of us for 45 minutes. These are four of about 100 photos, I just put the camera on burst and clicked while I watched.



  1. oh wow kate, what a magical moment.
    thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. ohhhhhhhh…..

  3. Wow – takes me back to a fishing trip to Renfrew when the orcas surfaced all around the fishing boats – awesome!

  4. Words fail me too…what an AMAZING experience!!

  5. Nice! Thanks for sharing Kate :)

  6. WOW.

  7. Amazing!! And they are so close to shore! What a great birthday present for hubby.

  8. oh my God, those pics are amaaaazing! Thx so much for sharing them!

  9. amazing. how extraordinary beautiful!
    here via chez denise.

  10. Orca whales? Wow! Amazing.

  11. amazing shots – johnston strait is such a special place, although i’ve never seen orcas right off the beach like that. very nice birthday present indeed.

  12. Wow. Talk about the experience of a lifetime. And what a birthday gift for Mr. Kate!!

  13. […] salmon were likely what were drawing the great number of whales we saw there. As I also posted in the summer, we saw the whales rubbing on the beach while we were there. This is a thrilling experience. I did […]

  14. […] went to Malcolm Island, where we once saw the orcas rub on a beach. There were no orcas spotted on this trip, but every day saw at least one humpback whale spouting, […]

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