Posted by: Kate | August 25, 2010

She’s Leaving

A young woman we know is getting ready to leave town this week. She graduated in June, and has her sights set on some travelling in Ontario and Quebec. She is a wonderful person, talented and smart and funny. She thinks she knows what she wants to study, but right now she’s going to spread her wings a little.

I remember so well that time in my life. Mr. Kate and I headed off to Ontario on our own adventure, far away from family and friends. It was scary, and exciting and nerve-wracking. Looking back I also know it was an experience that shaped a great deal of the way I now live.

I don’t think I can convey all that to her. That this time, in between childhood and adulthood, in between responsibility and carefree living, is so important. I want so much for her to drink in all the experiences, all the sights, all the adventures. I want her to make her own mistakes and know she is strong enough to recover and to have her own triumphs that are hers alone.

Who wants to hear all that at 18? I didn’t. So I’ll give her a hug, and a kiss, and tell her she is wonderful. And send her on her way.



  1. a beautiful post kate, you brought a tear to my eye.
    so many of life’s lessons must be learned on one’s own…

  2. Oh my! I have tears in my eyes. Our youngest took this route when she was 18. She set off for Namibia in Africa, to work in a school and follow the desert elephant trails. After she graduated from university, she set off for Africa again;this time it was to Uganda, to build a village water tower and teach in a village school. Now 25, and with a Masters ‘in her bag’ as well, she is currently working as a consultant to the UN. She specialises in the ‘Human Rights Based Approach to Water’. She has learnt to survive in harsh environments, be self-reliant when alone in a strange country, how to be resouceful and much more importantly…. she has empathy and understanding, tolerance and a wise attitude to life that puts me to shame sometimes. Thanks! Ros

  3. I believe your hug and kiss are just the right thing.

  4. I think you did exactly the right thing. It’s up to her and oh how I hope she experiences life to the fullest during this time of her life!

  5. Ah, this brings back fond, and yes, teary memories. It didn’t seem so long ago that I ventured out into the big world by myself. Time flies by in a blink, doesn’t it? Sending your young friend off with a hug & a kiss is just perfect. I’m sure you’ll both miss each other, it sounds like you both positively influenced each other.

    Also, it is fantastic what snoopydog’s daughter is doing! I cannot imagine leaving the continent. She’s doing good work. You must be so proud, she sounds like a great lady!

  6. Oh yes! She will learn much and I am so glad that she is confident enough to learn the lessons.

    In my early 20’s I set out on a cross country journey. People around me were so worried that a woman would travel alone. If they only knew…

    This will be the journey of a lifetime. One she will look back on always. One that will sustain her and hold her up during the mind numbing times of her life.

    GO!!!!!!!!!! We all wish her well.

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