Posted by: Kate | August 23, 2010

We Be Jammin’

More jam, this time blackberry. Just managed to pick enough to make this batch. The berries are a little tart this year, and the jam even with all the required sugar, tastes a little tart. Luckily we don’t like super sweet jam around here!

I also canned four jars of peaches. It would have been more, but the big jars don’t fit in my new canner. I needed a new one this year, and perhaps I should have bought the bigger one, but the smaller one fits better on my stovetop and is easier for me to lift when full of water. So I need to get some more gem jars if I’m going to do some more peaches.

As I still had peaches, I decided to try a new recipe, and made some sun relish. This is a mixture of yellow peppers and peaches, along with seasonings, and is so good.  This will get eaten with curries, wraps, sandwiches, etc. Yum!

This may be it for canning this year. If the blackberries stay for a while maybe I’ll get another batch of jam done in early September, and I do hope to get some more peaches done, but it may or may not happen. We have lots going on in the next two weeks before school starts.



  1. Yum! Yum! Your jam and peaches look simply delicious. There is nothing like the taste of homemade and the knowledge that you made it yourself. Enjoy! Ros

  2. Ah, a wonderful, satifsying task! I can almost taste the juicy peaches, my favourite! They go super well with vanilla ice-cream. Just sayin’ . . . And spread some o’ that delicious tart blackberry jam on MY toast! :-P YUM!

  3. mmmmm…. it all looks fantastic! i am especially intrigued by the sun relish – it sound amazing!

  4. Yum! I have never made blackberry jam. The kids bring home buckets of blackberries and turn them into pies straight away.

    I still have peaches to do this year. Next weekend?

  5. They look almost too pretty to eat! I guess you’ll get over that though. :-)

  6. Um, YUM. Do you mind sharing the sun relish recipe…that sounds like it would be perfect on sandwiches. I have some peaches ready to do something with and more will come later in the season. I can and make jam from most of them but am always looking for new and unique way to use them. This sounds like it fits the bill.

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