Posted by: Kate | August 19, 2010

In the Name of Love

Mr. Kate really loves the sweater I made him two years ago. So much, in fact, that he requested another sweater.

I decided to go with another Norah Gaughan pattern. Her patterns  appeal to me, as they are often mathematical and/or inspired by nature in their theme. Plus I think she designs great sweaters for men. The pattern Mr. Kate and I chose is Beagle.

I am using the yarn the pattern was designed in, which is perhaps a first for me, as I quite regularly sub yarns. The yarn is Berroco Vintage, and it is a lovely, soft and airy wool/acrylic/nylon blend.

Mr. Kate is keeping close tabs on my progress. I was knitting on a scarf last night for our cousin’s daughter who is leaving town in a week (going back east where it will be much colder than she is used to). He commented, “That doesn’t look like a sweater I’ll be able to wear.” Smart alec.

It is an enjoyable knit, as I find any Norah pattern I’ve knit is, aside from the fact that I am knitting an extra-large with a bit of added length. The size difference between us is big enough that his smallest t-shirts look like dresses on me, so as I knit I keep thinking that I am knitting the equivalent of almost three garments for me.

It must be love.



  1. that’s right baby…enogh chit chat and get to work my lovely….

    • See? Such a smart alec ;-)

  2. I have my first sweater sort of stalled on some needles and waiting for me to return and try to figure it out. Your knitting a sweater that feels the equivalent of almost three Kate-sized garments must be love. I can’t even imagine it.

  3. I LOVE that pattern! I’ve always had a soft spot for the gansey look.

  4. Very nice pattern! Can’t wait to see it when your all done. :)

  5. Great pattern, very pretty yarn, lucky guy.

  6. You are so kind to knit up another sweater for DH, his comment (above) made me laugh. He sounds just like MY DH! lol In fact, at first I thought it was! lol

    I LOVE the colourway you’re using, it’s going to be great! I’ve heard many great things about Norah Gaugnan, will have to check it out next time at the bookstore. It’s going to be great, Kate!

    • Or is it Norah Vaughan?

  7. gorgeous pattern kate! it’s understandable why mr. kate is so impatient. (at least he’s charming while he’s impatient!)

  8. The whole ‘3 sweaters for Kate’ thing is why I have yet to attempt a sweater for my husband. He knows it is in the back of my mind but doesn’t pressure…I may have to take a closer look at this pattern…it looks perfect!

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