Posted by: Kate | August 11, 2010

Summer Is…

Day camps where you play Predator and Prey and swim in the creek and go for long, sweaty hikes and get stung by a hornet and think it is the best week ever.

Picking fresh green beans out of the garden, sneaking extras before you bring the bowl in for dinner.

Sleeping over at a friend’s, in a tent on the deck.

Eating dinner late.

Barbequeing salmon fresh caught from the river.

Swimming in the lake and river and ocean.

Hunting for crickets (but only the males because they make all the noise).

Picking blackberries on the evening walk.

Dry grass prickling bare feet.

What makes summer for you?



  1. Ice cream and homemade snow cones.

  2. well hearing *you* describe it summer sounds very lovely.
    right now it’s all heat and hot and humidity and i am soooooo ready for fall!
    (i gave up trying to “enjoy every moment” about a week ago. although our weather people promise relief starting saturday, so i may be in a better mood after that! heh heh)

  3. I agree with most of your list. I will add:

    Upon waking in the morning, walking out to the main room and pushing open the french doors.

    Watering plants on the deck while brewing tea.

    Having Husband come home early from work and taking a picnic to the beach.

    Hearing the fog horns in the morning.

    Flowers blooming in front.

    Watching the kids sprawl on the grass.


  4. This is a wonderful summer! I can see & feel all these wonderful summery images & pictures, thx wise women! I’d LOVE to hear a fog horn again! Is too bad it’s over in a blink.

  5. I’m thinking your list is perfect. As the air brings in a hint of fall already, I’m reminded that I need to continue to soak up every single special thing that summer offers before it’s a memory…meals from garden to table, falling asleep to the sound of cicadas, sleeping with the windows open, berries and baked goods, walking barefoot, eating every meal outside, flowers and butterflies and bees, thunderstorms…so much to appreciate!

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