Posted by: Kate | August 9, 2010

Some Days It’s Tough

Being a parent, that is. I’ve talked before about raising a spirited child. Every once in a while we have a rougher patch than usual, and I  have to remind myself once again of the skills needed for this challenge. I found an excellent article today, and the last page in particular made me feel better. I often get looks when we are out, my child is louder and more excitable and more argumentative than most, especially in public (there is no on/off switch). This article reminded me that we are not alone, and that there are so many positives that go along with this challenge.

As Bush Boy has gotten older I don’t go into details of these challenges here on the blog, that wouldn’t be fair to him. And as I’m sure my regular readers know, we think he is the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas, and the light in the sky. I’m not complaining about this beautiful boy. I do, however, believe in honesty and support, and if this information helps another parent feel less alone, then it is worth putting it out there.

PS New post on the family blog, West Coast Bloggers.



  1. I think there are always challenges when raising spirited youngsters. The important thing , I believe, is to stick to what you believe in and always be honest with them and there for them. Bush Boy looks and sounds just great! Ros

  2. i think it is always harder to stay true to your self and your child when in public – i personally struggle with feelings of being judged all the time.
    thanks for the link to the article and the reminder to stay true to our children and ourselves.

  3. Here’s a big cyber hug for you, Kate. Between DH & I, we have 5 children, all growed-up now. I remember many many challenges. I firmly believe in complete honesty & sticking to your guns. And remember, this, too, shall pass. I found it difficult at times to be ‘the parent’ and not their ‘friend’, if you know what I mean. Oh, I recall doing alot of praying in those challenging days.

    Personally, I think you’re doing great! He’s a good kid, inquisitive & a heck of a fisherman, too! :) I enjoyed reading the West Coast Bloggers, great pics!

  4. Being a parent is a challenge. The challenges change, but they are always there. I used to think that once the kids entered the next stage things would calm down and get easier. I need to let go of that. Dealing with kids in college is different than dealing with them as toddlers, but not less of a challenge.

    If you were not a good parent, you would not be worrying. Let your friends offer support, take them up onit when needed. It takes a village.

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