Posted by: Kate | August 4, 2010

Summer is Now

With the long, wet, cold spring we had this year, every day of summer is precious to me. We are making the most of warm days, blue skies and late evenings. Last week we rounded out our summer swimming trifecta (ocean, lake, river) by visiting Kye Bay. I think the water there was warmer than at Buttle Lake!

Kye Bay, Comox

Kye Bay is yet another piece of paradise in this neck of the woods, and no where near as busy as Saratoga or Miracle Beach. A great place for an afternoon picnic and swim with friends.



  1. What a great pic! I feel like I’m almost there, enjoying the breeze. Our friends live in Comox, tho’ we haven’t been there yet, they’ve just recently moved. Enjoy, enjoy enjoy!!! You’ve earned it (with all the rainy, cold days you’ve had).

  2. Bliss!

  3. Are you and/or Bush Boy reading the Ranger’s Apprentice series? One of the bad guys is John Buttle.

    While I always savor summer, knowing that we are just a few short weeks away from fall makes me love every bit of heat in the house.

  4. Looks like the perfect way to savor these days of summer…it’s passing by so quickly!

  5. gorgeous picture, i am loving the texture in the sand.

    if it were possible i’d send my heat your way… i’m over it and ready for fall!

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