Posted by: Kate | July 29, 2010

Be Still My Beating Heart

Mr. Kate got his full motorcycle license this month. This means he can now have passengers on the bike. Bush Boy is thrilled.

Me? I’m not so sure, but Mr. Kate is an excellent driver and rider. It’s the rest of the world I’m worried about. I think this is part of letting them grow up and move away, just a little….



  1. It looks as though he is really enjoying himself. dad will drive extra specially carefully when he has a young paseenger on the back. Ros

  2. Hurray! Yay for Mr. Kate! I’m with you, I shudder everytime DH talks about wanting a motorcycle. It’s the rest of the world that worries me, too! DH keeps talking about getting me a Vespa, but I’m a tad nervous about it. Again, it’s the other maniac driver’s.

    Mr. Kate’s carrying special ‘cargo’ so I know he’ll be careful. Bushboy must be super-excited :)

  3. It does look like fun!

  4. How exciting for the boys! :) I bet you are so happy every time he / they walk in the door after a ride ;)

  5. well congratulations to mr. kate!
    and congratulations to you for letting the boys out to have fun!

  6. Breath Deep.

    They sure are cute!

  7. It looks like so much fun for the boys but I can imagine how hard it is for you! But look at that smile…can’t beat that!

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