Posted by: Kate | July 20, 2010

Paradise Next Door

Back from a stunning eight days of camping. Blue skies, warm days and nights, campfires and hikes and fishing and knitting. Lots of tales and pictures, but still unpacking and doing laundry and also working. So today one photo, that to me shows just a bit of the natural beauty of our corner of the world, and also is my current favourite of a certain Bush Boy.

The bottom spray of Lupin Falls, Strathcona Park

Back with more tomorrow!



  1. Wow, this is AWESOME! What a fabulous photo, is happiness personified :)

  2. Wonderful photo of your boy! Where did you camp?

  3. What a beautiful, beautiful photo! The scenery is stunning and your Bush Boy is very handsome. What a great photo for the ‘memories box’. Ros

  4. welcome back! glad to hear you had a good time on your trip. i look forward to getting to see more pictures.

    i do love the photo you posted, what a gorgeous shot and bushboy is looking quite handsome, i’m just loving his hair

  5. WOW!

  6. This photo is definitely a keeper…Bush boy is so in his element here you can tell!

    Glad you had a fabulous time!

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