Posted by: Kate | July 13, 2010

Simply Skirts

Finally got around to sewing some skirts. After looking at a pattern I bought (with a zip, which I totally didn’t want and didn’t realize when I bought the pattern) and then looking on the web at skirt making directions, I decided to wing it. I took one of my favourite skirts for the waist band and hips measurements, laid it down on top of the fabric, and simply cut out the two pieces of the skirt. One skirt is more full than the other, which was deliberate.

The picture was taken with a timer, and my face was just making a very odd expression with eyes half closed, so I cropped out my head.

The wind was blowing the skirt, so it looks more slanted to one side but really it isn’t. It is a very full skirt though.

I have the fabric for one more skirt, if I can get my very cheap, quite useless sewing machine to continue to cooperate. I am very pleased with both of these, they were exactly the cotton skirts I wanted for the summer, and can’t buy in the stores because of my short legs.


  1. Nice Kate!

    I too have been thinking a lot lately about making a dress or two for Wynn for summer, as I just can’t find what I’m looking for here in stores.

  2. ooooh kate they are fabulous – and they look fantastic on you.
    i especially like the second one, that fabric is gorgeous.

  3. Good job you!

  4. You make it sound so easy!

  5. Wow, Kate, you are amazing! I LOVE your new skirt creations, what a creative mind you’ve got! They look nice & cool, perfect for these hot, hot days of summer.

  6. Oops, I forgot to comment on your gorgeous hydrangeas and pretty daisy’s. beautiful.

  7. The skirts look beautiful…as do you (so good to see your face!). Hopefully your useless machine will continue to cooperate through more creations!

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