Posted by: Kate | July 6, 2010

Public Art

Some of the most common public artworks around this town are carvings. That is because every year the town, through the Shoreline Arts Society, hosts a Carving Competition the first week-end in July/last week in June. Carvers are given a chunk of log (I mean really large, west coast logs) and a small section of grass in a park, and told to have fun. There are categories for amateur, semi-professional and professional carvers. This year there were about five women competing, and probably at least 30 carvers total.

Once the competition is finished the pieces are left at the park for the public to see. The sign boards remain for about a week, to tell you what place the carving received, who did it, etc. Then the carvings migrate. Some stay for the summer at the shoreline park. Others appear at businesses (who may have sponsored the carver, or who have bought the carving outright) and also public spaces around town. Most people around here have a favourite carving – mine is the large stack of books found in our public library.

Mr. Kate and I went down last night to see the completed carvings from this year’s competition, and I thought I’d share my favourites.

Not just my favourite - this won people's choice and first place semi-professional.



  1. Wow, I’m astounded by the beauty of these amazing carvings. Thx v much for sharing. I’m going to send this to my artist lil sister. She would LOVE these. She once silk-screened Haidi art – Bill Reid banners many moons ago. They were displayed in d.t. Vancouver. Keep these coming, they are beautiful.

  2. What beautiful carvings! I also love the giraffes, but I especially like the little house too. Enjoy your peace and quiet! Ros

  3. Love the G-iraffe and hummingbird. Very tribal, northwestern. Neat event.

  4. Very cool!

  5. amazing!
    they’re all gorgeous, but i especially love the humming bird – thanks for sharing.

  6. Ah, they are beautiful! And as Kathy said, all have that ‘northwestern (southwestern to you!)’ style to them that I love. Thanks for sharing!

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