Posted by: Kate | July 5, 2010

Home Alone

That’s me this week, Home Alone. Not completely, evenings Mr. Kate will be home after work of course. But for all intent and purpose, I am home alone.

Bush Boy is at Granny’s for the week, taking a parks and recreation kayaking course that isn’t offered up here. It is his birthday present from Granny. Plus I believe there are plans for some golfing at the local municipal course, some outdoor pool swimming, and some movie watching. He was pretty happy to go!

So here I am, home alone. I don’t know what to do first!



  1. Ah, enjoy! I’m having the same pleasure this week (in fact, J and I are being pulled in separate ways most of the summer so we rarely are in the same place until fall)!

  2. lol, I know just what you mean when I’m suddenly alone. What do I do first? There are so many options! It’s amazing I can get anything done at all. I hear you’re enjoying nice sunny weather these days – enjoy and bask in the sun :) BB will come back home happy & with a zillion stories to share!

  3. DUDE!

    Enjoy your time. Bush Boy is having fun and recharging his batteries, you should be too.

  4. enjoy your time alone kate!!
    i’m sure you’ll come up with *some* way to fill your time!

  5. Sounds fantastic! I haven’t been home alone in forever!

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