Posted by: Kate | July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day

This writing assignment came home in the school folder, and Bush Boy said I could share it on the blog. I think today is the perfect day to share it, in celebration of what we love about this great big country of ours. Happy Canada Day, everyone!

My favourite place is a hidden cove at Buttle Lake.

It is hidden in between two cliffs but you can walk to it from the campsite. When you are there you can hear birds chirping and trees rustling. Also you can see grass swaying in the wind and a river flowing into a pond. This cove is as hidden as a needle in a haystack.

In that cove I like to sit and watch the water, play with the frogs and listen to nature.

I love that place because it’s calm and peaceful and there is so much life in it.

It reminds me of a nice soft bed because nature is cushioning me with warmth.

When I’m there I think this is so wonderful I could sit here forever. Then I leave the cove completely to nature. That cove will always be my favourite place.



  1. Great word picture, BB. Very well said.

  2. He has his mom’s gift of verse…what a beautiful tribute to his special place. Thanks, Kate, for sharing!

  3. What a beautiful poem, well done, BB :) You share your Mom’s wonderful gift of words.

    p.s. I’d LOVE to visit this amazing cove & listen to the silence.

  4. wonderful! bushboy definitely has your gift of words.

    happy (now bleated) canada day, i hope you were able to get out and enjoy your beautiful country!

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