Posted by: Kate | June 29, 2010

Another Year Over

And finally the year has ended. While the school year does seem to have flown by, it was in some ways more difficult than in previous years. On the plus side, Bush Boy got to take part in a lot more sporting activities at school, with running and intramural floor hockey being major highlights in his year. He wasn’t inspired particularly, and school certainly wasn’t where he wanted to be most of the time. Socially it was a good year, academically it was fine. I’m just not sure he’ll ever find the spark that inspires him at school.

So now summer begins. It will take a while for all of us to decompress from the last weeks of school, but we have Canada Day on Thursday and then we will chill out for the week-end.

I hope those of you who have kids at school have also made it through the end of the school year successfully.


  1. ‘School’s Out for the Summer!” – Congrats BB!

  2. what a beautiful assessment of bushboy’s school year. it must be wonderful to see him growing socially and finding such joy in athletics. and as for the rest, only time will tell. and as you say, even if he never finds his “spark” at school it is obvious that he has found sparks in so many other arenas.

    enjoy your decompression time and happy early canada day!!

  3. Congrats for you both making it through another year! Onward to enjoying the summer!

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