Posted by: Kate | June 24, 2010

End of the School Year

We are down to just four days left in Grade 4. Because of the legislated number of student days, school ends on Tuesday the 29th this year, but most of the work, etc is coming home this week. Next week is Fun Day and year-end assembly.

As usual, I asked Bush Boy what he would like me to make his teacher as a year-end gift. He chose walking mitts (for walking the dog) and a bookmark with math symbols on it (he originally wanted the math symbols on the mitts, but I requested something different with the math symbols).

Both patterns are from my head.

I hope she likes them!



  1. Oh what a lovely idea. I think handmade pressies are always extra special. Ros

  2. Well done, Kate “-” Nothing says lovin’ like a handknit gift. Teacher will love them, esp. when out walking the dog & she’ll smile whenever she/he sees the Mathematical bookmark.

  3. what great end of the year gifts!
    tell bushboy to enjoy his summer vacation!! (not that he needs me to tell him that….)

  4. VERY cool!

    Happy vacation to you and Bush Boy.

  5. So do the teachers in that school anxiously await the arrival of Bush Boy…you know, for the end of year knitted awesomeness?

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