Posted by: Kate | June 11, 2010

From the Photo Archives

Mt. Washington December 2008

The 2008/2009 ski season was a bit of a bust up on our local ski hill. We got lots of snow in town but it just didn’t seem to fall up on the mountain. This year, the 2009/2010 ski season, we were rewarded with massive amounts of snow on the hill (and none in town much to the chagrin of a certain Bush Boy). They were digging out the ski lifts after snow storms, and recorded the biggest snow fall of any ski resort in North America. In fact, they had so much snow this year it is still there. They are opening for skiing on June 19th and 20th, right up on the highest chairs. Just weird.



  1. skiing in the middle of june?!?! amazing!

    are you guys going to go?

  2. It makes your head spin to see what’s been happening with the ‘crazy’ weather in the world. Never say never! It would be great if you could take BB skiing in . . . June?! Wow. p.s. beautiful pic, btw :)

  3. Beautiful picture! And skiing in June? Are you going to take advantage of it? I have some friends who work at Alta ski resort in the winter and the guy is sort of an extreme skier. He chases the snow and most years skis every month of the year…I can’t even imagine skiing in the summer!

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