Posted by: Kate | June 8, 2010

Garden Update, Beginning of June

With summer approaching, we are finally getting some spring-like weather. It is still unsettled, but we have hopefully turned the corner to warmer temperatures at least!

The apple tree did get pollinated – as you can see it is covered in baby apples.

The strawberries are also trying to make fruit – I’m hoping for some nice, hot sun to turn these red and sweet!

The first rows of peas are slowly growing, although the second planting has done very little. There was also lettuce planted in the front of these peas, and there isn’t much evidence of those three weeks on either, just some little sprouts coming.

Finally, something that seems to like the weather – the potatoes. I put them in around the same time as the second set of peas.

This week-end I’m hoping to plant my beans, and get my flower boxes done on the deck.


  1. hooray for sunshine!!

  2. Isn’t life grand? Your new shoots are all so very precious, it makes me wish I had my garden back. One day, one day . . .

  3. Your garden is looking great! I’m hoping it will get better soon….my peppers have gone from brilliant to dismal.

  4. Your garden is looking great! We’re learning as we go and I’m hoping to get some more stuff in the ground this weekend. Everything is growing gangbusters, but chard and lettuce are the only plants we’ve been able to harvest yet. Our apple tree did nothing this year; since we’re in a rental, I have no idea what is wrong with it.

  5. Yeah, two things that loved this spring were my garlic (about 2 feet high right now) and my potatoes…slow to start but bursting forth now. The lettuce and spinach and such that are supposed to appreciate cool…germinated immediately and then 6 weeks after planting were about 2 inches tall. The past few days of warmer temps and sunshine gave them a boost though so hope to be picking greens soon.

    I’m going to direct you to 2 apple desert recipes (although I still can’t fathom how the boys don’t like apple sauce!)…one is for a cake that was amazing and the other for the only apple pie I make anymore. Check them out…(and I won’t be offended if not your style…but figured I’d share).

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