Posted by: Kate | June 7, 2010

“I Look Good in Green.”

That’s what Bush Boy said after looking at himself in the mirror when trying on his new sweater.

He requested this sweater, another Weasley to replace the orange one of last year. Same yarn, but no letter this time and slightly wider arms so that the shirts fit better underneath. He seems to be happy with it. Whether he wears it or not depends on the weather really. I’m just happy to make him something he likes.

This is a great pattern, easily adaptable and a quick knit (when not working on a lot of other projects at the same time….). The yarn is Wendy Peter Pan DK,  Bush Boy’s pick at the yarn store because it is so soft.

You may notice the hair is getting long again. He has said about 10 times that he is going to get it cut, but when I offer to take him down to the hair dresser’s, he says no. Funny boy. He does brush it, but he prefers not to.



  1. i like the long hair. and i love the sweater! it fits him really well! great work kate!!

  2. Love the pose and love the sweater, it appears that BB loves it, too! Hurray! And I like his long hair, too, it suits him, so handsome. What child wants to go get his hair cut? Particularly boys?? My 17 yr. old nephew’s hair is much longer than BB’s. He thinks it’s cool.

    Beautiful knitting, my friend :)

  3. Most excellent!

  4. BB and sweater look great!

  5. I was noticing the longer, curlier locks on the boy! The sweater looks great and I’m sure come fall will get a ton of use…how can it not knowing how good he looks in green?

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