Posted by: Kate | June 4, 2010

From the Photo Archives

One of my favourite images of Bush Boy playing at Granny’s house. He is so lucky to have her living close enough to visit regularly, and wanting to do things with him. As my parents were both immigrants, I never had grandparents who saw me regularly (3 times for each) and I always  felt I missed something. I’m glad he hasn’t missed out on a grandparent relationship.



  1. great action shot!
    and you’re right, it is so nice to have family close.

  2. What a great photo! He’s a real outdoor little boy, isn’t he. Family are really important, near or far, but it’s so much better when they are close. Have a good week. Ros

  3. What a great shot, Mom! You’re so right, being near your grandparents is truly very special, it’s so good your son spends time with them. He’ll have those memories for life :)

  4. I grew up within 30 minutes of both sets of grandparents…3 of the 4 died though when I was fairly young and the loss was crushing. As hard as it was to know them and lose them ‘young’, I have so many amazing memories of those men and women.

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