Posted by: Kate | June 1, 2010

No Spring

Last year on June 1st we had already had a month and a half of lovely, sunny weather. This year, we had some sun back in April, and since then it’s been cool and wet. Today was the district track meet, and it was so cold those of us watching were in sweaters and coats – and we were still cold. The rain is supposed to end later this week, but the temperatures aren’t looking great — yet they are still predicting a hot and dry summer for us. We shall see. My poor garden has been neglected once again, although the peas and spinach are up they haven’t grown much in the last two weeks. My strawberry flowers are shivering – last year I was making strawberry jam in June. If you see our warmer temperatures, please send them along. I’ve had enough of the cold.


  1. well i hope you get some summer-like weather soon! i don’t want your strawberry blossoms to shiver too much!

  2. No kidding hey!? My furnace still feels the urge to run in the mornings… I thought we were stating June not Junuary ;-)

  3. i’m with you – i’m used to living on the “wet coast” but this is getting a bit dismal. bring on the sunshine please!

  4. I’m so with you on this one. As I write we have gotten an inch of rain since last night with no end in sight according to the long term forecast. My poor garden is drowning and I think the few seeds I did manage to plant are going on strike. They haven’t grown in weeks. And I’m supposed to live on the dry side! :)

  5. My poor garden is suffering with the excess rain….I’ve lost a couple of cucumber plants due to excess moisture…..not good.

  6. There are blue skies this afternoon – yippee!

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