Posted by: Kate | May 26, 2010

Camping Recap

The area has sunk into a cold, rainy spring and so we were very very grateful to escape any major rain this week-end. We had a few sprinkles Friday night, but nothing major. The one thing that made this long week-end different from all the others was the cold. The nights were colder than I remember it being at this time usually.

Because of the not great weather, and really just for a change, we picked one of the more protected forest sites. This was our view from the fire…

Lots of baby cedars and moss! There are some big sentinel trees along this side of the campground, but as I forgot my camera you’ll just have to take my word for it :)

Bush Boy graduated to fire maker on this trip, something he has been coveting for a couple of years now. This has been my job for years, but Bush Boy proved himself capable of making and keeping a fire, so he now takes over.

That brightness on the road outside our campsite is not sunshine, just brighter than under the trees cloudiness. The logs are leaning against the fire pit to dry out, as some of our firewood is still damp (it was just collected and delivered last week). We buy firewood from someone in town who delivers it, as it is ridiculously expensive at the campgrounds. We can’t collect it ourselves, really, as all of the forest land that isn’t park land around here is private forest lands and you need a special permit to collect wood.

The week-end was a great break. Our friends joined us on Saturday, continuing a long-standing camping tradition. We relaxed, played a lot of badminton, hiked, talked, explored and read. We found the breeding grounds of the local frogs, with black tadpoles swimming hundreds thick for at least 60 feet of shoreline. We watched the resident eagle pair. We saw deer, and bears (OK, the boys saw the bears), and squirrels and lots of birds. We watched the dog run and swim and curl up in happy exhaustion. We came home smelling of fire and outdoors. It was wonderful.


  1. First, how lucky that you escaped rain considering the spring ‘we’ve’ had. Perfect timing! And your pictures and words prove it was a perfect weekend all together. So glad you got to go and find yourself again in the woods! I breathed just a little bit deeper just looking at your photos so I can imagine what it felt being there.

  2. Oh Kate how I am oh so envious of your family time spent camping! I’m sure that you all enjoy every single moment of it in your own unique ways :D

  3. i love the last paragraph of this post, it’s so wonderfully descriptive it made me want to abandon all my responsibilities and run out into the wilderness!

  4. I love campfires – poking and moving the bits to keep it just right. Good for Bush Boy!

  5. Your camping trip looks like it was wonderful. These pics evoke memories of camping on the “Island” when I was small. I don’t remember seeing an eagle, am still waiting in fact!

    (I’m trying to catch up on my computer mail, hence the late reply).

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