Posted by: Kate | May 18, 2010

More Young Writing

Another poem by young Kate – this one around age 12.

The City
The bustle of the city
Never seems to stop.
Old and young alike,
Walk in twos and threes
Along the street.
A murmer of voices and traffic
Make up the orchestra of this play,
While the people are actors
On a never-ending stage.
As I sit here,
I watch people pass me by.
Cultures and ages of every kind
Are going by me,
Together, yet
Go the stop lights,
While the cars hum in time.
Stop, go, WAIT,
Say the street lights,
And the cars,
Those huge machines,
People are walking downtown.
All ages and cultures,
Yet each one
Totally different from
The others.
I could sit here,
On this curb,
Just watching the people
Go by.
copyright 1986.

I find it hard to type and not edit, but the point is to see the words my 12-year-old self wrote, not the words I might write now. This poem was in a book of poems I typed, along with some calligraphy pieces, in 1986. I think it was for a creative writing project although it doesn’t say that anywhere.



  1. Wow… You were seriously AMAZING at only twelve years old. Wonderful job!

  2. Wow, Kate, you do have the heart of a poet, even as a young girl. You have a beautiful soul. I hope you’ll share some more.

  3. i love it when you post poems from your youth. kim is right, you have the heart of a poet. i love getting a glimpse into young kate’s mind, “portrait of an artist as a young girl.”

  4. What a wonderful young poet!

  5. 12? Have I said before how impressed I am with young Kate? Yes? Well it bears repeating. So maybe if the urge to edit is too strong, post young Kate’s version one day and today Kate’s version the next. It would be interesting to see how you would change these poems actually.

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