Posted by: Kate | May 17, 2010

The Story About the Lilac

Remember the lilac buds? That exciting moment when I realized my lilac was finally going to flower? Well.

After the end of March we had some cold weather through April. At least four wicked storms hit us during the first two weeks of the month, and my poor lilac was right in the path of the cold wind.

The majority of the buds withered and died. There have been a few flowers, but even those are misshapen and sad. Ah well, at least I know it will flower!



  1. Lilac is one of my most favourite flowers! I’ve blogged pics of our tree, that came into bloom last week. Wish it would bloom for longer. Ros

  2. I WISH I could smell them… we dont have lilacs here and I miss them so much from the UK where they did grow in my parents grden.Last time I saw lilacs was 3 yrs ago!

  3. I’m so sorry. Ours are just getting ready to open.

  4. Aww, so sorry, Kate. From my lilacs experience, we had several large lilac bushes in Calgary & they are one of the most hardy plants in Canada. It’ll take alot more than a wicked storm to kill them. The few you have left, though, are LOVELY!! Bring ’em into your bathroom or bedroom & soon your whole room will smell divine. Best wishes!

  5. What does not kill it makes it stronger?

  6. I let out a cry of pain and shock when I saw that photo.

  7. well the last photo is beautiful – can i be a pollyanna and say that at least you got a few gorgeous blossoms?

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