Posted by: Kate | May 10, 2010

The Bees Are Coming!

The apple tree is more loaded with blossoms than ever this year. I was worried when it first bloomed, as the weather was damp and cool, but we had a nice stretch of warmer days last week and there were plenty of bees buzzing around the tree. It is an Empire Apple tree, which I planted the first spring we were in the house. There were actually two trees, but the second one got taken out by a wayward wagon. As this one is in the corner of the fence, it is challenging to keep it pruned to a suitable shape. I love that it is a small tree, as it doesn’t overpower our small backyard.

I am hoping to get another fruit tree this year, but for now we enjoy watching the fruit plants we have blossom (strawberries are flowering as well right now) and look forward to the bounty they provide.



  1. Lucky Bushboy family! There ‘something’ about looking at pretty apple blossoms that just make the season more beautiful. I hope you’ll have a bountiful supply of empire apples (what colour are they?). Ahhhh, Spring :)

  2. There is nothing quite so beautiful or emotive as apple blossom, in the plant world. It comes top every time! I love it. Ros

  3. our apple tree seemed to have more blossoms this year than last as well – let’s cross our fingers and hope for a bumper apple crop!!

  4. they are so gorgeous! it must be so satisfying to see such beauty grown up from a tree you planted yourself!

  5. Oh, look at all those gorgeous blooms! You’ll have an apple crop for sure! Ours just finished blooming and it was full…I’m about halfway through the applesauce from last year so timing will be perfect! What do you do with your apples…eat them straight from the tree or preserve them in some way? Other than apple sauce, I love making apple desserts for weeks on end in the fall (ours are tarter apples perfect for pies etc)…pies, cakes and such!

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