Posted by: Kate | May 6, 2010

Breathing Room, Even in the Garden

It seems all things like a little space. The garden that you saw in the previous pictures was lush and full, but a little crowded, with volunteer plants everywhere and unfortunately a lot of grass creeping in. After pulling out six buckets of green along with a pile of cutback stems, the garden is much happier. I think I heard it sigh in contentment.

As Bush Boy said, you can see some soil in there!



  1. it looks fantastic!

    you have such a lovely yard.

  2. I’ve been slowly making my way through the weeds and grass in my front garden as well…….amazing how crowded it gets over the winter! Yours is looking nice, Kate!

  3. It is beautiful, I can almost hear it, very happily, breathing a big sigh of contentment :) Ah, bliss. Now it’s time to sit back & enjoy the rewards of your effort!

  4. from overgrown to lovely! thats the garden spring cleaning done!

  5. Very nice! After your post I set to and got my beds all cleaned up as well :)

  6. I have envy.

  7. I though spring had reached us here in Northern Michigan, but it is snowing here this morning.

  8. wow it’s gorgeous! you can tell how much work you’ve put in

  9. What a beautiful space! I hope that working in the soil allowed you time to think and figure out whether the political issue you mentioned before was worth your time. Working outside always helps one work through life’s dilemma’s I think.

    We finally got a day or two without rain this weekend and I was able to tackle the raspberry bushes and the herb beds while John did some weeding and planting. Felt good to be outside before the rain started back again full force!

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