Posted by: Kate | May 4, 2010

Rain Means Green

Thanks to a lot of cool spring rain the garden is an explosion of green. Unfortunately, a lot of that green is grass and weeds, and because of that same rain I have not been able to work much in the wet beds. Last week I managed to get a lot of the street facing gardens tidied up and looking decent (the downside to a corner lot on a hill — a lot of street facing gardens). But this week-end we had more rain, and the back garden is now mocking me openly.

the green invasion!

I actually have more pictures I want to show you, of flowering apple trees and sad lilacs (don’t worry, the bush isn’t dead, but it hasn’t liked the cool, damp temperatures) and pretty plants, but the sun is shining and I must tame the back bed. I have already done almost half of it this morning, and am heading back out after lunch to tackle the rest. As I am stewing over a meeting tonight where I have been dragged into some politics (and I am contemplating walking away entirely), working hard in the garden is providing a great distraction for some of my annoyances!

Pictures later of the recovered bed. And all the rest of the wonderous things in the garden.



  1. what a wonderful mass of green!
    i’m interested to see the post-weeding shot, how much of that green is weeds?!?

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