Posted by: Kate | April 27, 2010

Follow the Sun

Here on the wet west coast, we have been having a mild, damp spring. So any time we have sunshine, people are out taking full advantage of it. The lawn mowers come to life, the garden buckets get filled, grass seed is spread, driveways are swept and decks are cleaned. It’s frantic, sometimes, this spring time dance around the sun.

And then there are the cats. They also seek out the sun, but for a different purpose.

There are times I think these cats have it right!



  1. Yes….I too, have a solar powered cat……they sure do have it right!

  2. cats totally have it right!
    we should all take some time each day to lay on the carpet soaking up the sunshine.

  3. Yup, animals, particularly cats indeed DO have it right!! We could learn alot from them. Soak it up!

  4. they absolutely have it right! i remember when i was a kid, i used to look forward to sunday afternoon snuggles with my cat in the small patch of light on the living room carpet. of course we’d have to move over every so often…

  5. There is no doubt in my mind that cats have it right. I’d do about anything for a patch of sunshine to lay in right about now!

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