Posted by: Kate | April 16, 2010

From the Photo Archives

One of the best things about camping has to be the campfire.

Campfire, North Island, July 2009

In our family I am the fire master. Mr. Kate has many wonderful skills, but when it comes to building fires I am generally in charge. Bush Boy is slowly learning the skills, as he loves a good fire.

The camping fire is for cooking, for warming, for relaxing, for lighting. It is the living room of the campsite.

Great for knitting time. Ralph River, summer 2008.

Of course, the favourite thing to do with a fire? Make S’mores!!

Inspecting the marshmallow. Gosling Lake, May 2008.

Perhaps the hardest time to go camping is when there is a fire ban on. We have done it more than once, and especially in August, when the nights aren’t as light as late as they are in early summer, the evenings in the campsite just aren’t quite the same. Here’s hoping for a year of fabulous fires!


  1. what lovely pictures. i too am looking forward to many nights spent around a camp fire this summer!

  2. Are you getting the same wonderful weather we have? Everyone seems to feel a little happier in weather like this.

  3. Couldn’t agree more. For me, it’s not just the fire, but the fact that everything I own has that unique ‘summer’ smell of smoke for days afterward. That smell brings back some powerful memories.

  4. totally agreed! the absolute highlight of the camping experience!

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