Posted by: Kate | April 13, 2010

Snowy Peaks or Cream Puffs?

We drove down to Victoria on the week-end, to do some shopping, hang out with friends and visit family. We were amazed at just how much snow the local mountains have on them.

Not a great picture, as we were moving quite fast, but hopefully you can see all the snow!

All that snow means some extra ski days, so we are hoping to hit the hill on Sunday and do some skiing.



  1. gorgeous! i hope you’re able to get up into the mountains and enjoy yourselves this weekend!!

  2. I love ‘action shots’ of pretty scenery. These mountains are very beautiful, they look like cream puffs to me! Super Natural British Columbia – everytime I’m outdoors in this beautiful Province, I’m amazed at the beauty. Hope you’ll get to go skiing in them thar mountains :)

  3. So we finally got some warm, decent weather…does that mean you may have as well? I know you love that extra few days of skiing but warm, spring weather is something to look forward to as well, no? :)

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