Posted by: Kate | April 9, 2010

From the Photo Archives

I’ve been looking through some older pictures for some scrapbooking projects, and came across some camping photos that are perfect to use here.

This is Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba. Tom and I camped here in 1991, when we were driving across Canada in the gold bug you see there, heading to Ottawa and a new chapter in our young lives. This trip was fabulous, as it was the first time either of us had seen beyond Alberta in Canada. We realized just how vast this country is, and just how far away from family we were going. At that time, it was a good thing!

That little tent! Our cots certainly wouldn’t fit in there now. But still a Coleman stove, and stuff all over the table as always. This was at the Moon Lake campground, a beautiful little oasis after driving across the very hot prairies for days.

What a trip down memory lane. Camping has always been a part of our lives, and is so connected to events and people and places.



  1. I love this post…the memories, the ‘vintage’ feel of the photographs, the yellow bug and the bright red tent!

  2. Love it! Camping was once a big part of my (our) lives, too. It’s great you & Tom drove across Canada, it’s the only way to really see how vast our beautiful country – it’s huge! You did the ultimate ‘staycation’. I’m sure you both really got to know each other on this trip. There’s nothing like driving for days to get to know someone. Keep the pics coming, they’re grrreat!

  3. great pictures, as always! i especially love all the details packed into the second picture! the strawberry bag (in my mind it is full of knitting), the little brown cooler (we had the same one when i was growing up!), the boiling pot on the camp stove (can you remember what you were cooking?)…. such a rich shot, and rachel’s right – the vintage colors make it just perfect!!

  4. memory lane can be such a wonderful place to travel along– especially with beautiful images like these! the colors and light are just glorious!

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