Posted by: Kate | April 1, 2010

Easter Egg Fun

Bush Boy is on Spring Break for the next two weeks. We’ve done some errands, he and Mr. Kate have done some fishing, we’ve played some Wii. The last two afternoons, we’ve dyed eggs.

Some Paas dyes, a dozen white eggs (and a dozen more this afternoon) and a wax crayon created more fun than you would think. A very worthwhile $8!

Egg Mania!

My eggs are on the left to the back of the picture, Bush Boy’s to the front. We blew out four eggs, but decided that was going to cause a hernia if we kept going. So we boiled the rest of them. We only lost two eggs to cracking, which pleased me.

Bush Boy’s favourite:

My favourite:

The blown eggs held the dye more evenly, but we had to hold them in the dye baths as they floated otherwise. The boiled eggs didn’t always hold the dye as well, which led to some interesting markings.

All in all, great fun.



  1. what fun! your eggs look fantastic!
    bushboy’s reminds me of outerspace… and i am totally going to try and copy your rainbow egg when we dye eggs this weekend!

  2. Aww, what fun! All your Easter eggs look wonderful, I esp. like BB’s ‘celestial-looking’ egg, very nice! I was going to say pretty but thought BB may not appreciate that ;-) Looking at all the pretty eggs reminds me of egg-dying at my aunt & uncle’s farm when I was a kid. Good times. I hope you’ll all enjoy a great Easter weekend.

  3. I just love those eggs! Such good fun and so simple. Have a great Easter hiloiday! Ros

  4. Never a good thing to get a hernia just for the sake of pretty eggs! Easter passes me by each year but your pretty pictures took me back to some good memories…and I thank you for that!

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