Posted by: Kate | March 29, 2010

Just Another 30 Minutes in the Day

It was just another 30 minutes in the day. A quick decision made to hop in the car and drive down to our favourite bay. The dog needed a swim, and the boy and I needed some fresh air. He requested somewhere with tide pools. The wind was blowing, but we ventured out anyhow.

The sky was blue one way and gray the other, with the two systems being pushed about by the blowing wind.

Time to hunt for treasures!

Fish, and crabs, and sea glass and golf balls (people hit them off the beach and they wash back up) were all found. Some were let go and some treasures came home in pockets. Up above, the eagles soared on the wind currents, oblivious to those of us stuck on the land below.

Of course, the dog kept watch over us.

And when the wind had blown us up and down the beach, and the gray skies looked like they were winning the battle, we left the beach to the eagles and headed home.


  1. It looks like it was the perfect decision for you, Bush Boy, and Chika! Love that last photo!

  2. I love the last photo too…good way to spend a half hour, Kate!

  3. Ah, another gorgeous day at the beach! Thx for sharing these wonderful pics, Kate. I can almost feel the cool breeze or rather wind. It wouldn’t stop me from taking a walk by the ocean, having dragged my poor aunt to the beach everytime I visited. It’s a sacred place to be. imho. :)

  4. what a wonderful 30 minutes!
    i agree with everyone else – that last picture is fabulous, the lighting is just perfect!

  5. oh it looks like such an refreshing and invigorating 30 minutes! wonderful!

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