Posted by: Kate | March 15, 2010

It Was There, So I Knit It.

A friend of mine gave me a bag of yarn earlier this year. She is a teacher and a parent from years ago had given it to her. The yarn was Patons Princess, a mohair, wool, acrylic blend that has been discontinued. I can’t wear mohair, so even though it was a green yarn there was certainly no way I was making something for myself out of it.

Enter the year of shawls. This year I am committing to making 10 shawls for a Ravelry group. Obviously I don’t have to complete the challenge, the world won’t stop turning or anything drastic, but I want to. As a bonus, I am aiming to use up some of the odds and ends of yarn I have upstairs in some of the shawls. So this yarn fit the bill nicely.

4.5 skeins of the 5 were used, I didn’t use it all as the shawl was getting rather large (it measures 82″ wingspan and 37″ length). The pattern is the feather and fan comfort shawl, by Sarah Bradberry. I’ve made it before and it is a great pattern for a very wearable, useful shawl.

I’ll likely give the finished shawl back to my teacher friend, and she can donate it or keep it or give it someone as a gift. And I will move on to the next batch of yarn.



  1. Your shawl is very pretty. Lucky someone!

  2. wonderful title.
    the shawl is wonderful as well – is this #3 of 10?

  3. Wow, Kate, this is sweet! (as the young un’s say). I love the soft, gentle green, you did a beautiful job. I’m sure your friend will be enormously pleased :)

  4. Love your shawl! What a great way to use up spare or excess yarn. Enjoy the week. Ros

  5. wow! i have yet to make a shawl, they seem like such a big undertaking– and TEN?! i am super impressed!

  6. Good work Kate…gettin’ it done!

  7. Feather and fan is such a lovely and old stitch. I love it.

  8. 10 in ’10? Impressive! And this is a beautiful one to add to the list. Although I have to ask…if you can’t wear mohair, how do you knit it?

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