Posted by: Kate | March 12, 2010

From the Photo Archives

Ralph River, Summer 2005

I’m posting this picture as we are in the week of Bush Boy’s birthday. He was five in this picture. Doesn’t he look at ease? He’s called Bush Boy because of that contentment – he is at his most relaxed when we are camping or exploring out in nature. He is turning 10 now – and Ralph River is still one of his happy places. He no longer wears a life jacket at the lake, and he can ply a fly rod with the big guys, but he still mostly wants to hunt frogs and chase snakes.

Bush Boy, I hope you always have a place where you can be the true you – as we enter the years of double digits I look forward to watching you grow into a fine young man and going on this next step of our journey together, but I will cherish the little boy in this picture forever as well.



  1. wow 10. ten is so grown up.
    you be sure to take moment to be proud of *yourself* – you are an amazing mama, raising an amazing amazing son!

  2. melissa, you took the words right out of my mouth, ;-) I just wanted to say what a good mum you are. BB looks so happy :)

  3. Happy birthday, Bush Boy!

    Miss you Kate.

  4. Happy Birthday Bush Boy! And Melissa and Kim keep beating me to it…you need to take some time this week to be proud of yourself for raising such an amazing boy.

  5. Your wish for your boy brought a tear to my eye. I’m sure he will turn into a lovely young man. Happy 10th birthday, Bush Boy!

  6. what a lovely post! happy birthday Bush Boy!

  7. What a wonderful son, and so good of you to know him so well. Sons with wonderful mothers make great fathers!

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